Week 1: debugify-each

A first iteration of Debugify-each has landed earlier this week. The tool works as expected but it's a bit rough around the edges.

For starters debugify only prints if a pass passed or failed, and not the pass name. That was not a problem before debugify-each because you knew in what pass you would run debugify. Now running debugify-each will fill the output with PASS or FAIL without any information about the name of the pass. I authored a patch to fix that.

Another problem is that when running debugify-each in one of the standard pipelines (-O{1-3}) it will fill the terminal with it's output – both errors and whether the pass failed or passed the check-debugify.

This is not the correct way a tool like debugify should work. A user should be able to pipe opt's output to other tools while also using debugify-each. To remedy this another patch redirects the warnings and errors to stderr and as a follow-up debugify should dump it's results to a file.